Unidentified Crawling Thing Underwater in Taba


On a recent diving trip to Taba in the Gulf of Aqaba, I took literally hundreds of photos underwater as I normally do. There were plenty of the normal suspects such as clownfish, moray eels and lion fish and I was able to identify all of them….except one.

Some of the dive sites in Taba have expands of sea grass and they are fantastic for finding lots of little creatures that live there. Its also a good reason why when you are diving on such sites that its no problem to crash onto the sea bed. It was here that I spotted a little slug which was about an inch long (2.5cm) and I managed to get a good clear picture of it.

One of the other divers had a laptop and we managed to get the image on the screen in between dives to get a good look at it. However, we checked a couple of marine guides and the dive guides had never seen it before. When I returned to the UK, I searched the internet trying to identify it but to no avail.

One possibility is that is a juvenile slug which has not yet developed its adult colours. It is common in the marine world for juveniles and adults of the same species to have very different markings.

I did see a number of Ceylon Gymnodoris and I’m starting to wonder if the little slug I took a photo of is a juvenile.

I’d be interested to know what you think and if you could identify my little mystery slug, that would be even better.

These are just two photos I took in Taba and you can see the entire collection from my diving trip on my Flickr page;
Taba, Egypt in April 2011


  1. Andrea says:

    So beautiful! Hopefully someone else can identify it for you =)

    • Rob says:

      I hope so Andrea. None of the dive guides knew what it was. I’ve check all sorts of books and websites. I even spoke to a marine biologist. He pointed me in the direction of a website that may be able to help but no luck so far.

  2. Pamela says:

    Your pictures are so clear. Would you mind sharing what type of camera you use?


    • Rob says:

      Hi Pamela,
      My underwater camera is an old Olympus C-5060. Any modern camera nowadays takes good clear pictures, you just have to understand a couple of settings on the camera and how to tweak the photos a little with Photoshop.

      Basically, I do this:
      – Take photos on the highest resolution possible on the camera. That way if you have to crop them, the resolution will still be OK.
      – On Photoshop (or other editor), there is an option to “Auto-Correct” colours, brightness etc. Usually this enhances a picture. Occasionally, it doesn’t so you may want to make manual adjustments.
      – Finally, if your cropped or resized the image, Sharpen it once

      Thats pretty much it. Editing will only help. If the image is out of focus, there isn’t much you can do to fix it.

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