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Found in the north east of the nation, Mpumalanga is home to around 3 million people as well as most well known safari park across the world; the Kruger National Park. Of course, there is always a great deal more to Mpumalanga that Kruger national park.

The province is a fabulous, land-locked province offering remarkable panoramas and a good amount of wild animals. Here is the heartland of South Africa’s safari territory and consists of the Lowveld and the Highveld.

The Lowveld is the place below 1,000m above sea level. Its mostly open woodland interspersed together with long grass and a good amount of game. Broadleaf and thorn trees will both seen in this low-lying subtropical environment.

In the far north of Mpumalanga, the famous Baobab trees reign over the sky line. Broad, slow moving rivers shrink to isolated pools for the duration of the dry season which is certainly when creatures assemble which makes it a perfect time for game watching.

The Highveld is significantly chillier, with rolling grassland, wild blooms and the majority of pine plantations. Trout fishing is superb from the dams and streams near Dullstroom and Lydenberg.

The main attraction of Mpumalanaga is undoubtedly the Kruger National Park. This vast wilderness is comprised of an area the size of Israel and is also renowned for having the biggest assortment of wildlife species in Africa; 140 mammal varieties, 500 bird species and more than 300 tree varieties. Camping locations and game lodges are available.

Along side the borders of Kruger are a number of private game reserves presenting high end safaris. These kinds of lodges offer exceptional accommodation and are generally a lot less congested. The lodge’s safari trucks also can go off road something which isn’t allowed in the national parks.

Mpumalanga is furthermore the place to find part of the famous UKlahlamba mountains and it is here you’ll find the Blyde River Canyon. It is the 3rd biggest canyon worldwide. The landscapes are generally exceptional with the lookout point of ‘Gods Window’ being the ultimate place to gaze over this stunning panorama.

Mpumalanga is most certainly a province for people in search of the exceptional outdoors with great safaris, eye-catching scenery in addition to hiking, biking and fishing.

Dawsons Game and Trout Lodge is located near to Badplaas around 4 hours from Joburg in a incredible location in the middle of hills as well as a trout lake. Along with the Lodge, there is also a cottage alongside the trout lake which is ideal for anyone who wants to fish for trout. Almost all of our friends stayed in the Lodge while I slept down in the thatched roof stone cottage. It is a self-catering property which is certainly wonderfully prepared and even has satellite tv. The size makes it well suited for a family of 4 or 5 people that desire their own living space.

We all arrived late afternoon thus there was not much time to achieve anything just after check-in before an evening meal was ready. Just before the meal, we were asked to observe the chef show us how to prepare a fish which even if I’m not a fish eater, it was very interesting. It is always astounding how easy professionals make their job appear.

Similar to everywhere we stayed, the meals were splendid and the whole group dined together on a single long table which added to the ambiance.

The next morning following the ideal breakfast, there was the plan to experience many different activities like archery, quad bikes and horse riding but most people decided to delight in the chance to sleep in a little longer than we had been able to all week. I had got up early to try and take some pics as the sun rose. It is an awesome sight in the African wilderness to rise as it gets light and then to observe the shadows thrown by the hills retreat as the sun advances. The early morning mist very quickly vanished and a glorious blue sky was rapidly in its place.

Unfortunately there was not much time to experience everything at Dawsons Lodge yet there are actually numerous activities at your disposal such as bird watching, game viewing (no predators), fly fishing, hiking and walking, horseback safaris, archery, clay pigeon shooting and quad biking. Dawsons Lodge is additionally an ideal setting for weddings in which the bride and groom can unwind soon after their big day in the spa and wellness facilities. If you plan to check out Mpumalanga, Dawsons Lodge is a remarkable destination to rest.

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