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Introductin to the City of Arnhem

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The Dutch city of Arnhem lies in in Eastern Holland on the banks of the river Nederrijn while the mighty river Rhine is a little further south. Arnhem was first referred to in the late 9th century nonetheless there is an abundance of evidence to suggest human settlements were in the region roughly 70,000 years ago.

The city itself was founded in the 13th century and until it became part of the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands in 1585, it had already been the scene of a number of power struggles. The French were next to have aspirations of Arnhem and it wasn’t right until the mid 19th century that calmness came to Arnhem. The city and surrounding region was known as a idyllic region of Holland.

In the course of World War II, Arnhem was the stage of a legendary showdown as the advancing Allies tried to get a breakthrough into Germany. In June 1944, Allied Forces had came ashore on the beaches in Northern France and were heading in the direction of their ultimate aim of Berlin. Arnhem and the immediate vicinity had a number of significant bridges traversing the Rhine which if captured undamaged, would enable the Allies a path into Germany.

Operation Market Garden was an airbourne attack in September 1944, to capture the bridges but the mission was unsuccessful. The city was finally liberated by Canadian soldiers in April 1945.

Nowadays, Arnhem is a major railway centre with trains operating to places as far away as Moscow. The Burgers Zoo is one of the most popular in Holland and there the National Heritage Museum is located on the outskirts of the town.

The Gelredome is the home of Vitesse Arnhem and was the 1st football stadium to feature a slide out pitch. This grants more air and natural light to get to the grass.

For the visitor, lodgings in Arnhem isn’t usually a burden with everything from camp sites to deluxe hotels being offered. There are an abundance of dining establishments and going out to restaurants is fairly typical for locals as well as tourists.

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