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Sunset at Pont Neuf, Toulouse

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The French city of Toulouse is not one of the more high profile tourist destinations in France but like many European cities, it offers plenty of wonderful buildings to photograph. The Garonne River runs through the heart of the city from its source in the Pyrenees on its  way to Bordeaux and the Atlantic Ocean.

The most spectacular of the bridges spanning the Garonne in Toulouse is without doubt Pont Neuf. Built between 1542 – 1632 (quite a long time to build a bridge), Pont Neuf is made with 7 arches giving a total length of 220m.

I’d previously seen some stunning “blue hour” photos of Pont Neuf so decided that this would be my shot. At this point, the Garonne runs south-north so looking along the bridge from east to west puts the sunset in the perfect position for a sunset shot.

Setting up a shot is easy. There is a wide footpath along the river with plenty of space so you won’t get crowded out.

My intention was end up with 2 shots to blend; the sunset blended with the bridge being lit up once the sun had gone down. When I arrived at Pont Neuf, the sky had clouded over and was completely grey so I wasn’t hopeful of anything special. However, nature can turn in a moment as sunset drew closer, the sky just exploded in colour. The red, orange and purple mix was stunning and I had the sky I wanted for my blend.

At this stage, the lights on the bridge weren’t on so it was a matter of waiting. I was in luck as the lights came on while the colour was still in the sky. This meant, I had everything in a single shot, making the post production work a lot more straightforward.

I didn’t need to do anything with the water. It was perfectly still with no wind or current. The final result is below:

Pont Neuf at sunset in Toulouse

This was a single shot image taken with the following settings:

  • ISO 100
  • f/22
  • 20mm focal length
  • 2 seconds exposure


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