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While there is no doubt excellent value to be found in the Red Sea, a lot of people do get annoyed with a few of the prices of package holidays from the different United Kingdom airports. There is outstanding value to be stumbled upon in the stores, pubs and restaurants in the various resorts combined with the fantastic year round temperatures, are just some of the reasons why The Red Sea is such a favourite choice.

The key trouble is that there are simply not enough flights to Egypt and this allows prices to remain higher than other popular European destinations. Granted that The Red Sea does fall into a more expensive APD (Air Passenger Duty) zone than European destinations but the flight costs dictate where you will get your holiday to Egypt for a good price or not.

When talking about flights to The Red Sea, we are talking about the main tourist destinations of Sharm and Hurghada. Both of these international airports serve quite a few resorts and even though there are flights from the Britain into Cairo, Taba and Marsa Alam, the most popular international airports are Sharm and Hurghada.

As with any travel arrangements, when attempting to save money, overall flexibility is the main factor. Egypt is an enormously popular place for families so school holidays, costs and availability can be a major problem. Wherever possible, try and travel in term times. Historically, most of the cheapest flight prices are in mid January with flight prices from 150GBP each. Coupled with low hotel rates, it is possible to tailor make a holiday for just with 220GBP (based on 2 sharing) but this naturally depends on the grade of accommodation and board basis.

The most expensive times of year are Christmas / New Year, Easter and August so if you are looking for a cheap Red Sea holiday and are flexible with your travelling dates, look to steer clear of these busy times.

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Port Ghalib is merely 10 minutes from Marsa Alam airport and it is a resort with major aspirations. Found on the Red Sea in Southern Egypt, the blueprint is create a world class integrated resort community. The centre piece of Port Ghalib will be the marina that will be capable of handling over 1,000 boats.

It’s also well-known to scuba divers who fly here to catch their liveaboards that head out from from Port Ghalib and Emperor Divers work from the Marina Lodge at one of the best hotel/diving setups you can wish to come across anywhere on the planet. The unspoilt reefs give you some fantastic scuba diving along the coastline with the popular Elphinestone Reef towards the south being a very popular scuba diving destination.

Port Ghalib is also making its mark in the entertainment world. In 2009, Beyonce performed here as part of her “I am…” tour. It was the very first time the superstar had performed in Egypt or the Middle East and her appearance was very successful. Attracting world superstars like Beyonce underlines the ambition of Port Ghalib to make their name known around the earth. All the same, it is not likely that personalities like Beyonce will be at Port Ghalib each and every week although there are still other things for visitors to do if they want a bit of adventure to relaxing in the sunshine.

As stated, Port Ghalib is a departure point for quite a few of the southern Red Sea liveaboard cruises. Day boats also operate from Port Ghalib with Emperor Divers who are located in the Marina Lodge hotel. There are a number of brilliant dive sites up and down the shoreline from Marsa Alam and unlike the more well known resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, there are very few dive boats in the area hence nearly always your party will be the only people at the dive site. Abu Dabab is a favourite shore dive destination at the Sol Y Mar hotel towards the south. Many people come in to find the turtles feeding on the sea grass and if they are fortunate, the resident Dugong will also turn up. Abu Dabab is rather shallow consequently snorkellers can also come along as well.

For non-divers, an array of water sports is available or you’re able to only spend the days sun bathing. Tours are also available to Luxor, Cairo, the historical town of El Quseir or even a camel trading market.

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Cairo is an extremely engaging city not just because the River Nile is found there, its also really popular for its shops yet there are other reasons exactly why people pick Cairo as a holiday destination. The city is most well known for having the oldest preserved empire structures including the Three Pyramids and the Sphinx. Its famous because of its age-old attributes and specifically the Pyramids. There are thousands of holidaymakers who take in Cairo every week.

In order for you to relax then as expected there are plenty of eating places and they generally include the evening entertainment, its quite interesting seeing people dance their customary movements. There are a substantial number of retailers, hotels and even spa treatments consequently should you be one of the folks that would love to treat themselves then you know who to ask for additional information about this. A lot of people like the sunshine hence as rapidly as they get to the place they use pools. Why pools? Well here is an reason, a number of hotels in Cairo now offer sea water in their pools instead of the stinky chlorine and i think that’s a fabulous idea.

Also perhaps you might know that Egypt is a Muslim country and starting at 6 o’clock each and every morning those who believe in their faith pray 5 times daily. Thus there is a Mohamed Ali Mosque which is the emblem of Cairo. It’s called that because there was a man called Mohamed Ali (1769 – 1849) who had been born in Cavalia, Greece and was of Albanian source. He had been a soldier in the army that had been sent to The Red Sea to liberate the country from Napoleon’s occupation. Consequently in the end he helped to liberate the country and today people pray for him.

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My own 5 Favourite Things To Do In Sharm

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Sharm is rife with many varied activities which you might possibly undertake during the day, and my favourite one is snorkeling in the crystal clear sea. It is exciting locating several striking, little fish swimming around the reefs. When you have got going, you get more and more excited about the underwater life you’d never see in the marine environments about Britain.

Alongside this, I definitely take delight in seeing the different stage shows in the hotels. As its starting to get dark various hotels have on a variety of exciting disco’s, youngster’s fun activities or shows merely to entertain their customers and to be honest, being there and having the regular shows does cheer the customers up. Certainly one of my favourite shows was when different characters changed into different Michael Jackson costumes and they pretended to be the characters out of the Thriller music video. I really liked that show and I’m sure if you were there rather than me so would you too.

In the daytime there are many things to see and experience. As an example, there are a lot of glass-bottom boats which go travel 3-4 kilometres away to see the colourful reefs or the inhabitants who live there.

Once folks get closer to the town they choose to go shopping. Shopping is among the enjoyable things as once you are a place abroad you usually would like to get your family members a souvenir and Sharm el Sheikh has lots and lots of outlets full of ancient or modern items.

If you’ve found yourself slightly bored or want to explore more of Sharm then you definitely should set off and drop by and see old Sharm. It is the old town of Sharm el Sheikh and is the original area of Sharm el Sheikh before it expanded as a tourist holiday location and it is less crowded and quite an interesting area. It’s a change of surroundings and its more relaxed than Na’ama Bay.

These are my ideal things to do if I am in Sharm el Sheikh on holiday and I can’t wait to return.


The Fort At El Quseir

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Once you head along the coast route south from Hurghada and continue for roughly 1 hour, you will arrive at the town of El Quseir. At the heart of the town which is mostly untouched by Egypt’s booming tourist trade, is the Fort which goes back as far as 1571.

The Fort was initially built by Sultan Selim I during a time after Quseir was amongst the most significant ports in Egypt. In addition to being an crucial part in trade routes, Quseir was furthermore the departure point for Hajj pilgrims on their way to Mecca.

At the end of the 18th century, the French forces under the control of Napoleon took charge of the fort and they held the fort before the British forced them to abandon it two years later. It was the commence of a chain of events that saw the British beat Napoleon’s forces in The Red Sea later that year.

The British immediately moved on and the subsequent years saw the Fort at El Quseir used as a base by Muhammad Ali Pasha in his wars against Arabia. In 1869, the Suez Canal began operating connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. For that reason, the strategic benefits of the fort was significantly reduced. It is working life came to an finish in 1975 just after lots of years service as a base of the Egyptian Coast Guard.

Nowadays, the Fort at El Quseir is a small tourist attraction for those taking a Red Sea holiday. The town itself does not get a good number of people and the few hotels at El Quseir are self contained resorts away from the centre. There is a low entrance fee to gain access to the Fort which has many displays revealing it’s past together with a couple of items from the era the minute Italian investment came to Quseir from a phosphate company.

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Luxor is found in Upper Egypt along the banks of the Nile and it’s the starting place for most Nile cruise trips. Holidaymakers arrive on direct flights out of Britain or via Cairo. On the other hand, you can get trains which operate overnight from Cairo 400 miles to the north and onwards to Aswan.

Even if this is a departure point for cruises, travellers who decide to stop at one of the hotel rooms in Luxor should have tons to observe because of the array of archaeological destinations in the region. The Nile flows through the middle of Luxor and the individual sides of the river are referred to as the East Bank and West Bank.

The East Bank is where a lot of the hotels are found and the key focal points from the ancient perspective would be the Temples of Karnak and Luxor that are to the north and south of the urban centre, somewhere around two miles apart. Also on the East Bank are the Luxor Museum and Museum of Mummification. The Temple of Luxor is likewise worth travelling to in the evening having atmospheric lighting and less holidaymakers, it offers a different experience.

The West Bank is thought of as the entrance for the Valley of the Kings that is most popular as the spot that the Tomb of Tutankhamen was found by Howard Carter in 1922. Another important site is the Valley of the Queens which has the Tomb of Nefertari amid its treasures. There are also enough other places of interest but a highly recommended activity is a morning balloon trip over the ruins of the West Bank offering travellers another perspective over the superb historic riches on offer when they travel to Luxor. If you adore ancient Egypt, Luxor is the location to visit.

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Five Superb Cruise Vacations

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Previously thought of as the choice simply for the affluent and famous, luxury cruise vacations have become less costly and consequently common with a broader market. Cruise vacations are so prevalent these days that among the most difficult things is determining where to go. You will discover choices on rivers and seas which means there really is something for anyone and these are 5 of the very best alternatives to bear in mind.

Passenger ships crossing the Atlantic coming from East to West used to contend for the unofficial accolade of the Blue Ribband. One time, the Southampton to New York route on the incredible QE2 could easily be put together with a return flight on Concorde. Sadly, the breathtaking airplane no longer flys so travellers are able to remain aboard longer with visits in Rhode Islands, Boston and Ponta Delgada.

The Norwegian Fjords are a impressive sight, best observed from on board a cruise ship. There are several visits up and down the Norwegian coast and depending on time of year, it is possible to enjoy the midnight sun or the renowned Aurora Borealis otherwise known as the Northern Lights.

In the past, buccaneer ships were frequent visitors to the Caribbean as well as the British and Spanish navys. Today, the region is a well known cruise destination letting passengers to experience five or 6 different countries in only two weeks. Barbados, Antigua, Aruba and St Lucia remain renowned destinations.

Cruising the Nile is a long standing favourite of people to Egypt. The enormous river is Egypt’s life blood and on a Nile cruise, holiday makers have the option to explore a few of the most renowned cultural places in the world in Luxor and on the way to Aswan.

As well as brief one or 2 week cruises, you could potentially also cruise the oceans for a few months non-stop. It is not uncommon for World Wide cruises to last three months or more travelling to literally dozens of countries on various continents. An abundance of places await together with unforgettable trips through the Suez or Panama canals.

These are simply a number of the quite a few cruise opportunities readily available and there really is something for everybody.

Nuweiba is a really relaxing, remote place in the Northern Sinai and this hidden treasure is certainly one of the finest destinations in Egypt for marine photography. The holiday resort is nowhere near as commercialised as Sharm which is situated 100 miles south down the coast. Subsequently, this means a lesser amount of divers to disrupt the marine life.

In the far north of the Gulf of Aqaba, the water is notably calmer under the surface and combined with the clear waters, marine photography enthusiasts couldn’t require better conditions. The house reef at the Nuweiba Hilton is a renowned spot for underwater digital photography classes. There is a wonderful variety of underwater life with tiny pipefish and cuttlefish found in the shallow water while a bit deeper, a good amount of colourful fish and coral formations are found. The pier offers some tremendous photo opportunities.

Amongst the species of fish Nuweiba is famed for is the frogfish. While it is found in other locations close to The Red Sea, Nuweiba is something of a hotspot for this elusive little creature. Needless to say, there isn’t any assurance you will see a frogfish but you will find shrimp, seahorse and octopus in the region therefore you might get fortunate and find them too.

The finest thing is that all this is literally in easy reach from your room at the Hilton thus if a keen photographer is on holiday with the family, they’re not forgotten all day, only for the hour throughout the dive. Scuba divers can go underwater in the morning, meet the family for lunch time prior to going to the sea once again.

Underwater photography enthusiasts are generally really eager to take snap shots on land and the landscapes in the vicinity of Nuweiba is wonderful. Over the sea lies Saudi Arabia and the mountain range of the Sinai offer an awesome backdrop. It is absolutely worth taking an excursion out to Mount Sinai or perhaps the Coloured Canyon for the reason that landscape is incredible. It is hard to think a desert could quite possibly be so eye-catching.

Egypt is a year round holiday holiday destination with some thing for all. A few years ago, there was only a choice of only two seaside resorts; Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada. These days, there is much more on offer to the holiday maker.

For the people looking for nightlife after a day in the sun, Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh are the places to be. In spite of this, it is really important to make sure that you are aware of where your accommodation is in relation to the heart of the resort as many of them can be several miles away. However, many places to stay do run free of charge shuttle buses or cabs are inexpensive.

For divers, just about any of the places are amazing but the Marina Lodge at Port Ghalib has the best setup for all scuba divers. The dive centre is located at the lodge and there are lots of splendid dive sites in easy reach of the day boats. Moreover, it is nowhere near as hectic as places like Sharm.

For divers with a non-diving family, the Hilton in Nuweiba is a great option. The scuba diving here is mostly shore based which means you don’t have to be away from the group for hours on end which is what happens on day boats.

For golfers, the number of choices is improving all the time but the best value is found at Taba Heights. From the fairways, you look down at the coast and 3 different nations are visible; Egypt, Israel and Jordan.Taba is also ideal for those who want to pop over to explore the Israeli vacation resort of Eilat.

For those wanting to find a restful, enjoyable holiday, El Quseir is definitely one of the quietest. The awesome self contained hotels mean you can spend your vacation in between your hotel room, dining areas, the beach and pool. El Quseir is on a stretch of coast with a variety of peaceful places such as Soma Bay, Safaga, Makadi Bay and El Gouna.

Any one of the places to stay in the region of Hurghada are a great choice for those who want to head out on day trips. Luxor with its unique treasures is a four hr bus ride away and it is also possible to take a tour to Cairo and the Pyramids by road. When selecting your holiday resort for your Red Sea holiday, there is definitely no lack of alternatives.

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What To Expect On A Cruise On The Nile

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For many decades, River Nile cruises have been carrying holidaymakers and visitors on a magical journey back in time along this magnificent river. A combination of exploring the wonders of ancient Egypt combined with a peaceful journey south from Luxor to Aswan is ever favourite with travellers.

A classic Nile cruise lasts seven nights and run Monday to Monday. Direct flights from Great Britain bring holidaymakers to Luxor where they are transferred to their cruise vessel to check in. The following morning, the journey into age-old Egypt commences with a pay a visit to the East Bank of the Nile at Luxor like the Temples of Karnak and Luxor.

The following morning, the sightseeing continues on to the West Bank of the Nile including the Valley of the Kings prior to coming back to the boat for lunch. After lunch, the cruise ship departs Luxor travelling south for Edfu. Immediately after an overnight mooring at Edfu, there are further visits to temples at both Edfu and Kom Ombo just before moving on to Aswan.

The following day, it is time to experience Aswan and a more advanced construction; the Aswan High Dam. Built in the 1950s, the Aswan High Dam created Lake Nasser, itself a cruise place. In the afternoon, there is time to sail on a traditional Egyptian Felucca along this very beautiful section of the River nile. The Cataract Hotel in Aswan looks out onto the River Nile and it is here that Agatha Christie published part of her famous book, “Death on the Nile”.

Following an overnight stop in Aswan, there is free time available to explore the town or otherwise, there is an optional visit to the impressive Temple of Abu Simbel at the southern end of Lake Nasser. It is a long way to Abu Simbel, either three quarters of an hour by plane or three hours but it is really worth the effort.

Aswan marks the turnaround point for Nile cruises and now the boat heads back north the 80 miles to Luxor. The journey takes a couple of days with an overnight stay at Edfu prior to going back to Luxor. The week sailing along the River Nile is over and tourists return to the airport and home.

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