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Cairo is an extremely engaging city not just because the River Nile is found there, its also really popular for its shops yet there are other reasons exactly why people pick Cairo as a holiday destination. The city is most well known for having the oldest preserved empire structures including the Three Pyramids and the Sphinx. Its famous because of its age-old attributes and specifically the Pyramids. There are thousands of holidaymakers who take in Cairo every week.

In order for you to relax then as expected there are plenty of eating places and they generally include the evening entertainment, its quite interesting seeing people dance their customary movements. There are a substantial number of retailers, hotels and even spa treatments consequently should you be one of the folks that would love to treat themselves then you know who to ask for additional information about this. A lot of people like the sunshine hence as rapidly as they get to the place they use pools. Why pools? Well here is an reason, a number of hotels in Cairo now offer sea water in their pools instead of the stinky chlorine and i think that’s a fabulous idea.

Also perhaps you might know that Egypt is a Muslim country and starting at 6 o’clock each and every morning those who believe in their faith pray 5 times daily. Thus there is a Mohamed Ali Mosque which is the emblem of Cairo. It’s called that because there was a man called Mohamed Ali (1769 – 1849) who had been born in Cavalia, Greece and was of Albanian source. He had been a soldier in the army that had been sent to The Red Sea to liberate the country from Napoleon’s occupation. Consequently in the end he helped to liberate the country and today people pray for him.

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A trip to Cairo from Sharm el Sheikh

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Each and every year, visitors travel to the desirable resort of Sharm from the UK. They come to chill out by the beach or swimming pool. Some want to dive and other spend hours snorkelling on nearby coral reefs. There are lots of trips available for holidaymakers and visitors to Sharm el Sheikh and among the more fantastic ones is an excursion to Egypt’s capital city, Cairo.

Cairo is home to the world famous Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx but the day outings to Cairo feature a great deal more than only these ancient monuments. From Sharm el Sheikh, day-trippers can either travel to Cairo by road or air. Either way, its an early morning start with road trips leaving at approximately two in the morning and flights at roughly five in the morning. It all means a long day ahead but it is definitely worth the effort.

Itineraries may vary on trip to trip but often gets going with a tour to the Cairo Museum or to give it’s precise title “The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo”. The majority of the morning is spent at the museum and it is packed with some desirable pieces. A number of the more impressive treasures are those that were found in the tomb of the boy Pharaoh Tutankhamen including the renowned gold and blue death mask. There are also several items of furniture and ornaments and one thing that is evident is how well the colours are preserved in a number of the treasures bearing in mind they are 1000’s of years old. Even so there is way too much to explore in the museum therefore visitors have to decide on the areas they want to view.

Coming from the museum, the group is taken down to the River nile for lunch aboard a river boat. There is a reasonable selection of food and for entertainment there are also dancers. Alternatively, you can easily enjoy the skyline  as Cairo hotels and other landmarks pass by as you sail up and back to your starting point.

Next stop are the Pyramids of Giza. Looking at numerous photos, you might be forgiven for believing they are in the midst of the desert but that is not true. The Pyramids and Sphinx are just on the outskirts of Cairo. It is tough not to be amazed as you get close up to the Great Pyramid on account of the actual scale of the it. You can easlily have sufficient time here to wander round the Pyramids and there are no lack of people attempting to sell you a broad array of souvenirs or rides on their camels. There are sufficient chances for snap shots just before the tour bus takes you a bit further down to the Sphinx. Just as before, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a wide range of souvenirs and there are further photo opportunities. Yet, the Sphinx has not worn nearly as well as the Pyramids consequently you can’t get as near to it. It is late afternoon as the group leaves Cairo’s most well-known tourist places but there is time for 2 further visits.

The first of these stops is at a scent shop where your are invited to try some of the plenty of scents the shop stocks. From here the tour bus gets under way to travel back to the airport with one remaining stop en route. Papyrus is the paper like material made by the historical Egyptians from the pith of the Papyrus reed. It was used to write on but nowadays, it is a commonly used tourist souvenir, in most cases with pictures of ancient Egyptian gods and similar images. At the Papyrus shop, there is a wide range of Papyrus available and visitors can also enjoy a display of how modern day Papyrus is made.

The tour bus leaves and the day trip to Cairo is over. The group now heads back to the airport for the flight back to Sharm el Sheikh el Sheikh or the road journey. The day outings to Cairo from Sharm el Sheikh are quite tiring but are excellent value. For travellers staying in Sharm el Sheikh, it is a pretty good way to watch several of the places of Cairo without actually staying there.

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