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The very first time I discovered Cyprus, I immediately fell heavily in love with the region. It had been a summertime holiday additionally, the fantastic climate packaged with the warm, appealing waters of the Mediterranean were instantly enchanting. There’s a close relationship between Britain and the Greek part of Cyprus therefore it also felt far more like your own home than other places in the Mediterranean.

We turned up at Larnaca International Airport which is fairly well linked with several United Kingdom airports. The waiting airport taxi transported us east in the direction of our accommodation at the renowned resort of Ayia Napa. It has a warranted status for being a party resort, principally through the summer time but we’d reserved a 5* hotel around 2km from the centre at Nissi Beach.

We had a reservation at the Aeneas Hotel a wonderful 5* hotel nestled over the road from Nissi Beach. Our hotel was located is attractive gardens and the main pool may be the largest individual swimming pool I’ve ever seen in a hotel. We had a standard room that was nice and clean, modern and comfortable and a few of the superior rooms opened up straight up on the main swimming pool. All through the daytime, the pool, or rather a bit of it, was central of the terrific entertainments team who worked the whole day keeping holiday makers amused.

Breakfast time in the hotel was a spread of traditional British or continental breakfasts. We found a great range of food in addition to lots of fruit that is always a pleasant sight on vacation. During the night time, we usually dined away from the hotel because there is a huge choice of bars, coffee shops and restaurants within easy reach or possibly a short taxi trip away in the middle of Ayia Napa. There’s a lot of different places to eat round the Ayia Napa. One evening, we even tried crocodile meat. In Ayia Napa, I spent 2 or 3 days diving with a dive centre within the resort. The sea was welcoming but sadly, there isn’t anywhere near the same amount of marine life that I was used to in the Red Sea. We also paid a few visits to the nearby Waterworld Aqua Park and is a great day trip for children of all ages.

One more place to visit is close by at Protaras. The Sea Aquarium Park has in excess of 400 species of marine life on show and outdoors within the gardens, you will discover enclosed ponds with turtles and crocodiles. Having said that, this Cyprus holiday was generally a seaside break and we spent most of the time either over the road from Aeneas Hotel at Nissi Beach or around the giant hotel pool. We didn’t really take a look at the rest of Cyprus throughout our visit. That will need to hold off until we return the next time.

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There are many places in the world where the sheer natural majesty just takes your breath away. Sometimes it is a sparkling blue lagoon surrounded by palm trees and sand, other times you might be awestruck by a particularly beautiful meadow of wild flowers shining yellow and happy in the afternoon sun shine. Many people have a special love for the hills, valleys, and other topography to be found in nearly every country, and for those people it might be a nice vacation to visit the Troodos mountains (Photo: NH52 in Cyprus. 

This is the largest range in Cyprus and in located right in the middle of the island. From one side to the other, these peaks stretch along nearly all of the western aspect of Cyprus with valley towns and hillside villages scattered throughout. Truly one of the planet’s most lovely rock formations, the peaks and glades draw hundreds of visitors every single year.
This is the home of the legendary Mount Olympus, seat of the ancient Greek pantheon. Many people, especially Europeans and North Americans, have grown up listening to the old tales of Zeus and Hera and the heroes they championed.

It is an interesting thing to be able to visit something that you have always known about but have never had a chance to see in reality. Perhaps you have always been fascinated by the reproductions of Byzantine art and would like to see such works in their original context and natural environment. While you could traipse all over Europe scouting out some of the locations where the artworks still exist, you can find many of the more influential and important sites right here in Cyprus. During the Byzantine period, Cyprus was a particular hot spot for the development and creation of art. Many churches and monasteries still stand in the region, and they hold some very inspiring works even to this day.

Art historians, students, or just those who are enthusiastic about this era of human culture might find plenty of interesting things to see and experience in these old buildings. Perhaps it would be a good idea to find a tourist center or hotel desk and obtain a map and guidebook that will help you direct your investigation of the many historic sites.
In the winter months, the almond tree covered slopes gently pile with snow, and many tourists flock to the region for the chalets, resorts, and ski runs. Whether they decide to stay in a fancy five star hotel or brave the winter cold to spend some nights in a tent on the hillside, they are virtually guaranteed to be treated to awesome vistas and spectacular scenery no matter which direction they face.

Hike the Caledonia Falls trail to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Cyprus. Spend an afternoon discovering the villages and towns that await you in the valleys and on the terraced hillsides. Cyprus is full of wonderful scenery and relatively untouched natural beauty, and the Troodos Mountains are perhaps the most astonishing example of this.

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