Why Marine Photography Enthusiasts Enjoy Nuweiba


Nuweiba is a really relaxing, remote place in the Northern Sinai and this hidden treasure is certainly one of the finest destinations in Egypt for marine photography. The holiday resort is nowhere near as commercialised as Sharm which is situated 100 miles south down the coast. Subsequently, this means a lesser amount of divers to disrupt the marine life.

In the far north of the Gulf of Aqaba, the water is notably calmer under the surface and combined with the clear waters, marine photography enthusiasts couldn’t require better conditions. The house reef at the Nuweiba Hilton is a renowned spot for underwater digital photography classes. There is a wonderful variety of underwater life with tiny pipefish and cuttlefish found in the shallow water while a bit deeper, a good amount of colourful fish and coral formations are found. The pier offers some tremendous photo opportunities.

Amongst the species of fish Nuweiba is famed for is the frogfish. While it is found in other locations close to The Red Sea, Nuweiba is something of a hotspot for this elusive little creature. Needless to say, there isn’t any assurance you will see a frogfish but you will find shrimp, seahorse and octopus in the region therefore you might get fortunate and find them too.

The finest thing is that all this is literally in easy reach from your room at the Hilton thus if a keen photographer is on holiday with the family, they’re not forgotten all day, only for the hour throughout the dive. Scuba divers can go underwater in the morning, meet the family for lunch time prior to going to the sea once again.

Underwater photography enthusiasts are generally really eager to take snap shots on land and the landscapes in the vicinity of Nuweiba is wonderful. Over the sea lies Saudi Arabia and the mountain range of the Sinai offer an awesome backdrop. It is absolutely worth taking an excursion out to Mount Sinai or perhaps the Coloured Canyon for the reason that landscape is incredible. It is hard to think a desert could quite possibly be so eye-catching.

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