Using Photos Under Creative Commons Licensing


Whenever I’m lucky enough to be heading off on a new trip, I make sure I have at least one camera (sometimes I have 3…or 4 if you include the one on my phone). I take plenty of photos and I upload the better ones to my Flickr account – http://www.flickr.com/bbmexplorer

Over the years I’ve uploaded well over 1,000 images and I spend time labelling, tagging and adding them to the map so people get the most from them.

Need a photo of St Basils Cathedral in Moscow? I’ve got just what you need.

After a trip, it takes time to sort out pictures, edit and upload them and once I’ve done that, I make all my images on Flickr available for use under a Creative Commons license. This means they can be used free of charge with the single condition that a link to my website is included.

All sorts of people look for images on the internet. Some people want them for blog posts and companies often use them for their websites. The majority of users respect the Creative Commons license and add a credit link but I’m amazed how many companies think it is perfectly acceptable to use the image without any acknowledgement to the photographer (ie – ME).

Flickr stats allow me to see where my photos are being used and from time to time, I have a look at see where they turn up. Quite a few are on Wikipedia which surprised me.

I love people to use my images PROVIDED THEY ARE PROPERLY ATTRIBUTED. Thats why I set them up with a Creative Commons licence. Although I like to think my photos are reasonably good, they don’t have too much of a commercial value. If I thought they did, they wouldn’t be on Flickr.

So please feel free to use my images and credit them properly but remember…..

…I’m watching you !!!



  1. That’s a gorgeous shot of St Basils Cathedral in Moscow!

    • Rob says:

      Thanks, I’ve been to Moscow a number of times and the last couple of years, St Basils was covered in scaffolding as they were doing something to it for the 800th anniversary of Moscow. When I was back there last August, we went up to Red Square and it was a beautiful day so it was easy to get that shot.

  2. Christy says:

    That’s good info to share. I see many people making their pics with logos I suppose for fear of theft but using them to market back to your site is a great idea. I’m curious do you have some pics you hold back from creative commons?

    • Rob says:

      Hi Christy,
      Yes, I do have a few images which have I’ve sold so I don’t add those to Flickr. It would be wrong to make images available for free when someone has paid for them.

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