Russian Federation celebrates 65th anniversary by way of a Victory Parade


On the 9th May 1945, the weapons fell silent as the struggle in Europe came to a finish. The Western Allies and the Soviet army had smashed the German forces and every year, Russia marks the occasion with a victory parade.
2010 is the 65th anniversary and this year’s celebration in Moscow will be a bit diverse. Presentations started a few days earlier when twenty-two British veterans from the Arctic convoys were awarded medals by the Russian envoy to the Britain, Yury Fedotov. The veterans had helped ferry necessities to the northern Russian cities of Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. In total, nearly 1,400 ships help keep the Soviet Union supplied.

As part of the Victory Parade, there will be a fly past of nearly 130 airplanes and helicopters from different periods of history. Over time, Red Square has experienced countless parades devised to show off the strength of the Soviet forces but this year, the parade will have a more international feel about it. Troops of the Welsh Regiment from the British Army, US 18th Infantry Regiment, pilots from the French Normandie-Nieman squadron and an honour guard from the Polish military will all march with army units from Russia and other CIS nations.

As well as the Victory Parade in Moscow, there will also be celebrations in other cities too. In Ukraine, 75 Russian paratroopers will march through Kiev as the country celebrates the end of World War II which was also known as the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Union. The Russian unit was invited to take part by the Ukraine government

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