Eilat Israel’s Best Loved Resort


North Beach, Eilat, IsraelAt the most southerly part of Israel lies the seaside resort Eilat. This tiny stretch of the Israel coastline is sandwiched between Taba in Egypt to the west and Aqaba in Jordan to the east. In its early days, Eilat was officially recognised as a town in 1959 with a population of 6,000. 50 years later, the population had increased to 55,000 and it was firmly established on the tourist map.

Today, visitors from Israel and abroad flock to Eilat which has plenty of offer with a range of hotels, shopping outlets as well as bars, cafes and restaurants. Not surprisingly, there are a large number of fish restaurants as well as others offering Italian, American, Brazilian, Japanese, Israeli, Mexican, French, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Lebanese cuisine.

Eilat also has a tax-free status so for Israelis; it is a shopping haven as they don’t have to pay VAT currently at 17%. The main shopping mall in Eilat is the Mall Hayam not far from the beach front and has a wide range of shops.

At night time, Eilat comes to life and the Isrotel Wow Latino show is a Latin extravaganza. Wild music, dancers and virtuosos produce an electrifying atmosphere with artists performing breathtaking routines. The show is suitable for all the family and reduced rates are available for Isrotel Hotels’ guests.

Eilat is also on a migration route for millions of birds so it is also a fantastic destination for bird-watchers. The scenery around Eilat is stunning with desert mountains rising on either side of the Syrian African Rift Valley.

In the water, the marine life in Eilat is nothing short of spectacular. There is a rich variety of coral, fish and more, Scuba diving is popular with visitors and for those who are not certified divers, snorkelling and glass bottomed boat trips are other good options for viewing the underwater world. The Underwater Observatory takes you 6m under the sea, allowing you to view the marine life as if you were in the ocean.

Yellow Mouth Moray

Yellow Mouth Moray

The Dolphin Reef is home to a group of Bottlenose dolphins and visitors can see these amazing creatures in their natural environment. The dolphins are free to come and interact with divers and snorkellers who come to Dolphin Reef to observe them. For those who don’t want to get into the water, floating piers and observation points are available.

So with all this and more to offer, it is easy to see why Eilat holidays are becoming more and more popular. With hotels to suit all budgets, your Eilat holiday promises you a true “get away from it all” for the whole family.

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