Article on the Globe Trekker Year Book 2010


For the ambitious traveller, the planet quite simply is your oyster nowadays. Almost no part of the earth is left untouched but tourists in need of adventure and something new. I heard of a person from New Zealand who had travelled to Iraq simply because he didn’t consider it was as hazardous as the mass media was reporting. Fortunately for him, he was brought to safety by a British Army patrol.

Still, you don’t need to go to countries such as Iraq for adventure travel, there are lots of different less dangerous destinations in the globe. Regardless, it is incredibly challenging to choose where to visit when planning travelling so owning a guide such as the Globe Trekker Year Book is a very helpful reference book to have.

The book is lightweight and light so if you choose to take it off with you, its not going to take up a great deal of room or weight allowance. Globe Trekker is moreover a base of info you can put your confidence in as since the 1990s, they have been venturing all over the earth making TV footage of numerous locations, rituals and celebrations.

The Globe Trekker Year Book is very well laid out for the traveller trying to find inspiration. It lists festivals from all over the entire world by calendar month so if you are searching to take a trip somewhere in July, you can simply turn to that section and see what is going on. The book doesn’t go into festivals in that much depth however its a kick off point for you to research your holiday. As an example, one of the events for July is the Roswell UFO Festival in New Mexico, USA. So if UFOs are your thing, you know where to go in July. There are also a few reference internet websites to assist you get started with your background work. The chapters also have a straight forward recipe from one of the locations outlined so you can get into the kitchen and get a flavour of your desired destination before you depart.At the back of the guide is a listing of TV stations and social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube where you can access to Globe Trekker TV.

As a result, if you are considering a holiday in 2010 and are wanting a little inspiration, the Globe Trekker Year Book is a great point to start with recommendations from the Notting Hill Carnival in London, the Oktoberfest in Munich, a motorbike roadtrip in Vietnam and a great deal more.

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